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Future Work 

Based on current work, the following plans are made on further investigating the Semco system and integrating it with the other parts of the IWESS project:

  • A heat exchange coil will be designed and installed to provide heat for the active desiccant wheel regeneration in summer and air heating in winter, by utilizing the rejected heat from the bio-diesel engine generator
  • Replacement of the DX coil with a chilled/heated water coil, which makes use of the chilled water from the absorption chillers and heated water from the solar thermal receivers, will be considered. 
  • Based on the experience gained in the IW, investigation will be made on how to design and operate active desiccant dehumidification equipment together with sensible cooling devices  in an energy efficient and cost effective manner in order to provide occupants with healthy (ventilation air supply and indoor humidity) and comfortable (indoor air temperature, radiant temperature and indoor humidity) indoor environment.