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The following conclusions are drawn based on current operation and testing of the Semco FVR 2000, REV 2250 ventilation system.

  • The design of this system provides its flexibility to be used as a dedicated outdoor air system or as an air conditioning system. 
  • In winter, the system is able to deliver air at user specified temperature by means of heat pump and natural gas heating through the desiccant wheel. 
  • In summer, the combined system keeps the space dew point low enough to allow for more effective operation of existing radiant panels, water mullions and fan coils
  • In both winter and summer, the enthalpy recovery module achieves over 70% enthalpy recovery effectiveness. Thus over 70% of energy required to ventilate the IW is saved and the required capacity of the space cooling/heating is reduced.
  • Heat transfer analysis confirms enthalpy recovery performance corresponding to its design and operating parameters.