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The chiller, Broad Model BCT16, was provided by the Broad Air Conditioning Company. It is pictured in the following photo.  All components are contained in a single cabinet, with chilled water supply and return, steam supply, condensate return, and a city water supply for cooling water make up; all entering via penetrating pipes.  Chiller components are described in the Flow Diagram section.

Front view of chiller
Side view of chiller
Data acquisition and control screen
Variable cooling load heat exchanger system      
Auxiliary steam boiler system


Chiller front view
Figure 4. Chiller front view

Chiller Side View
Figure 5. Chiller Side View

DAC Screen
Figure 6. DAC Screen

Heat Exchanger
Figure 7. Heat exchanger, test load

Supply steam system
Figure 8. Steam supply system

Additional information can be found in the thesis of Hongxi Yin "An Absorption Chiller in a Micro BCHP Application: Model based Design and Performance Analysis" (pdf) (Appendix 1A, 2A, 2B, 3A, 4A)