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IW Solar Thermal System Installation

The installed solar thermal system has been designed to meet the cooling and heating requirements for the south section of the IW, a floor area of 245 m2, indicated by the shaded area of Figure 3.  The installation of IW solar thermal system by the general contractor, Heritage, began at the middle of July 2006.  First, the absorption chiller and solar circulation pump package were installed on the southeast platform of the IW, shown in Figure 3. 

solar field layout
Figure 3.  Solar field layout 

The system’s 4 parabolic trough solar collector, PTSC, modules were installed in two valleys of the IW saw tooth roof. Then as illustrated in Figure 4 the PTSC’s were assembled on the ground; mounted on the platform structures fabricated by Somerset Steel, and lifted by crane to IW roof.  On 26 August 2006 the PTSCs were successfully put in place.  After the installation of control and data acquisition system, the system was complete at the beginning of October 2006. 


Figure 4.  Installation of the solar thermal system in the IW