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Biodiesel engine generator with heat recovery


The purpose of the study is to model the performance of the bio diesel engine power generator and heat recovery system (cogeneration). This work is focused both on the performance of the energy supply system (thermal energy, power) and on the ability to meet the building thermal cooling and heating load and desiccant regeneration load (Semco).


A preliminary study has been performed to:

  • define all the components available in TRNSYS / TESS library that can be used to model the cogeneration system.
  • define the new components that need to be created (parameters, inputs, outputs)
  • define the different control strategies  

Next steps

Components will be developed to run the TRNSYS simulation.

Two system operational methods will be studied:

  • maximize the power output and recover as much waste energy heat/cool the IW and regenerate the Semco (ventilation unit)
  • meet the loads (heating/cooling/ventilation) and see how much power we can generate.


Sophie Masson, Flore Marion