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Fan Coils with Advanced Control Instrumentation and Hardware


The objective of this project is to demonstrate the comfort and energy benefits of comfort and energy of advance control and user communication over the indoor thermal environment. LTG fan coils and Siemens control instrumentation in the Intelligent Workplace provide a test bed for this demonstration.

Advanced control and operation strategies will be developed to:

  • maintain comfort conditions
  • reduce the cost of operation
  • reduce the need for occupant interaction with the temperature control interface

Fan coils of three distinct types have been obtained from LTG.  These fan coils will be installed in 8 office and 2 meeting room spaces of the southern half of the Intelligent Workplace.  Mounted below the floor level, the units will meet the space cooling and heating loads of the IW by circulating room air through heat exchangers supplied with chilled or heated water from the building grids.  They will also distribute conditioned fresh air from the Semco ventilation unit to the space. Thermal comfort and air quality sensors, together with control hardware from Siemens will be installed for performance evaluation and control experiments.

Due to the delay of receiving Siemens control instrumentation, CBPD will use data acquisition hardware and control software purchased from National Instrument and other commercially available instruments from various sources for pilot studies in 2 office spaces.  Added component, Cisco IP phone will provide communication interface between office occupants and fan coil, mullion and lighting systems. Fan coils with advanced design including electric-static particle removal and active carbon filter for  VOC and odor removal made by BROAD Air Conditioning Company will also be installed for testing and evaluation. The pilot studies will begin in December 2007.


Yun Gu – PhD. candidate
Viraj Srivastava – PhD. candidate