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The diagram below shows 10 work spaces in IW south zone, 9 are semi-open spaces and 1 is closed office. Each space has a set of fan coils controlled by a dedicated Siemens controller. The exception are two south end rooms which require an additional set of fan coil to take care of heat gain and loss through the southern façade.

Figure FC-12: Fan Coil Installtion in IW Southern Zone 

Installation Accomplishments  

A description of the functioning of the system and a listing of the sensor and control hardware and the software required has been prepared and submitted to Siemens.

Preliminary plans for the installation of the overall control system have been drawn up including room controllers interconnected by a wireless net with an overall system controller for data processing, equipment monitoring, system evaluation, and integration with other building systems in the IW.

The installation in two office spaces, E2 and W3 for pilot study will be completed in Dec. 2007.