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Equipment Used in the Fan Coil Project

We use three different types of under floor fan coil units (VKB, VKD and FVD) made by LTG, a German company that designs and manufactures components and complete systems for room air and process air technology. LTG fan coil units use an integrated fan that draws in the ambient air. In a water-fed heat exchanger, air is cooled or heated and returned to the room. All three (VKB, VKD and FVD) are four-pipe units which allow BAS to automatically switch between heating and cooling according to the internal load requirement without excess cooling or excess warming in each individual space. Each unit has a 5 speed fan to delivery cooled or warmed air into each space.

In the pilot study, three VKB fan coil units in room E2 and one VKD in room W3 will be installed as a two pipe system, connecting with existing mullion water supply and return pipes. Based on internal load and outside weather, the existing BAS (Building Automation System) in IW will provide either chilled or heated water for the fan coil units. Each space is proposed to have a Cisco IP phone providing occupant interface for interactive communication between office occupant and the fan coil operation and control system.  


Fan Coils

Control Instrumentation and Hardware