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Fan Coils

Type I: LTG VKB Fan Coil Unit

The VKB fan coil unit will be connected with fresh air ducts. The system uses low-noise, maintenance-free cross-flow fan. Fan draws in ambient air through the air grill over the entire fan width and returns the cooled or heated air via coils into the room. The supply air is discharged from the air grille close to the room side and vertically upwards, then mixes in summer with the hot room air in front of the facade, in winter with the falling cold air in front of the window. In the cooling mode, the supply air, having passed the mixing air zone, flows through the room by displacement. It requires non-condensation operation. 


Figure FC-3: LTG Fan Coil Type VKB

Type II: LTG VKD Fan Coil Unit

We use 4-pipe VKD fan coil unit connecting with fresh air ducts. Two low-noise and maintenance-free centrifugal fans recirculate room air. It is specifically designed for hotels and office buildings and offers a wide range of possibilities for air distribution system design. After mixed with ventilated air, recirculate air is supplied to three floor air diffusers. 


Figure FC-4: LTG Fan Coil Type VKD 

Type III: LTG FVD Fan Coil Unit

The Facade Fan Coil (FVD) unit is a 4-pie unit for decentralized ventilation of occupied room (perimeter zones) via the facade using outside air, including cooling and heating. The centrifugal fan of the FVD sucks in outside air through a slot or opening in the facade element through the open shut-off damper of the FVD and a fine dust filter. The air is forced through a sliencer and induction nozzels and passes through heat exchanger with separate water circuits. The heated or cooled air is then expelled through the floor grill directly at the facade into the room. It requires non-condensation operation. 


Figure FC-5: LTG Fan Coil Type FVD