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Control Instrumentation 

Siemens Building Technologies will supply instrumentation, control hardware and software.  This control system will set the fan speed, the flow and temperature of the chilled and heated water, and the flow of ventilation air to each fan coil in the IW based on measurements of temperatures, humidity, and occupancy.

The software will calculate the overall system effectiveness and provide data storage analysis and displays functions.


 Figure FC-6: Siemens Control Instrument Diagram for Fan Coil Units in IW Southern  Zone

The controller hardware – TEC, MEC and MBC are Siemens Building Automation products. 

In this pilot study, hardware and software purchased from National Instrument will replace the Siemens control hardware and software.


Figure FC-7: Control Instrument Diagram for Pilot Study for Fan Coil Units in IW Southern Zone


Cisco will provide IP phone in each room for fan coil unit, mullion water flow, lighting system control. IP phone has a user-friendly touch screen help occupant understand environment comfort and health index as well as energy performance. Occupant can submit survey/complaints to facility management anytime.  


Figure FC-8: Cisco IP Phone Occupant Interface in Each  Room



Figure FC-9: Control Instrument List for Fan Coil Pilot Study