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The IW

The Robert L. Preger Intelligent Workplace, IW, of the Carnegie Mellon University was constructed in 1997 on the roof of Margaret Morrison Carnegie Hall to provide 600 m2 of offices, meeting room, and work space for the students, staff, and faculty in the School of Architecture’s Center for Building Performance and Diagnostics. 

IW west facade 

 The IW (west facade)


Designed by the faculty, the IW incorporates a number of architectural features that provide for the health, productivity, and comfort of its occupants and the economy of its construction and operation

natural lighting
natural lighting due to ample windows, the floor plan, and the orientation of the space.
natural ventilation natural ventilation due to the operable windows and air vents.
under floor under floor delivery of all the building services: electric power, ventilation ducts, cooling/heating provisions, communications wiring.
structure factory fabrication of high grade façade, floor, and ceiling elements and building structure with site installation.
 water based systems water based cooling/heating supply with either convective or radiant cooling/heating units in the floor or on the façade.
air based systems
building air circulation limited to that required for ventilation, not for cooling/heating.
flexible interior flexible interior and furniture arrangements, simplifying rearrangements and reallocation of space.

Operable elements of the façade, windows and air vents, blinds and solar reflectors, provide for the interchange of outside and indoor air and of the introduction of solar radiate into the IW.  The operation and control of these elements will be integrated with that of the IWESS.

An overall objective of the IW is to reduce the energy the energy requirements for its operation by a factor of 5 relative to a conventional building space;  the overall energy requirement of the IW supplied with energy from the IWESS will be reduced by a factor of 10.