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IWESS Components, System

IWESS is a distributed generation; a combined cooling, heating, and power, CHP: and a ventilation system.  It comprises

solar thumbnail
solar receivers, 52 m2 of parabolic trough reflectors, focused on surface treated pipes within evacuated glass tubes, heating a flow of a pressurized propylene glycol water solution, that drives a 16 kW absorption chiller/heater.
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a 25 kW bioDiesel fueled engine generator with exchangers for heat recovery from the engine coolant as hot water and from the engine exhaust as steam that drives a second 16 kW absorption chiller.
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space cooling/heating units: convective fan coils and radiant mullion mounted pipes and ceiling panels.
semco thumbnail a ventilation unit including a wheel for heat and moisture exchange between incoming fresh air and exhaust air streams, a heat pump for cooling/heating the fresh air, and a desiccant wheel for moisture removal.

The operation and control of these IWESS components is integrated and integrated also with the IW and with the Carnegie Mellon campus grids for electric power, steam, hot water, and chilled water.  These grids provide a use for excess energy delivered by the IWESS and as a back up energy supply in case of deficiency in the IWESS.

IWESS system flow sheet

  IWESS System Flow Diagram