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Security Reminders for Students

March 21, 2011

Dear Students,

The Information Security Office (ISO) welcomes you back from spring break and reminds you of a few important safe computing tips:

  1. Never send your Andrew ID or password or other confidential information in response to an email. A request to do so is likely a phishing attempt.  Visit Anti-Phishing Phil to learn how to recognize phishing URLs at

  2. Update your computer's anti-virus and anti-malware tools regularly and apply security updates to your operating system and software as soon as possible after updates are released.

  3. Follow the ISO Cyber Security Pledge and be aware before you click on attachments in email, instant messages, and untrusted web sites. If you do not know the source, weren't expecting a message, or if a message/website looks suspicious, do not click and DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!

  4. Use automatic software updates. For browser, Java and Adobe updates, run the ISO patch check at

  5. Adhere to Copyright & Intellectual Property Laws. Non-compliance with the copyright & intellectual property law can result in disciplinary action or loss of network connectivity.  The prohibition includes unauthorized sharing of music, movies, games and other files over Peer-to-Peer networks.   There are legal alternatives for acquiring copyrighted content.  For more information, visit:

The ISO encourages you to visit our website often at for security alerts, news, safe computing practices, training events and help with securing your computer.  As always, feel free to contact us at

Have a great second half of the semester everyone!

Mary Ann Blair
Director of Information Security

Information Security Office
Computing Services
Carnegie Mellon University