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Avoid a DMCA Notice

To avoid violating copyright laws, users should consider the following:

  • When using P2P file sharing programs on the university network, users should be aware of what they are downloading and sharing. Prior to installing P2P software, you should assess whether the software provides you with the ability to restrict access to a designated shared folder. While installing the software, designate a folder that contains only the files you want others to see and access.
  • Turn off or disable the upload ability from your computer if you are not actively sharing documents. There may be an option in your P2P software to "disable uploading to others", "disable file sharing" or reduce "upload rates" to zero. Note that some P2P software will lose preferences when updated or reinstalled.  If you have disabled file sharing and "run on startup" you may need to reset those preferences after an update.
  • Refrain from downloading files that are likely protected by copyright law, and do not make such files available to others. While there are cases where the legal right to copy and distribute may not be clear, items such as commercial software with a "free" or "hacked" license, current movies and music, and other items that you would normally pay for, are likely not being shared legally.
  • Disable your P2P file sharing applications when you are not using them. This will limit the amount of bandwidth consumption by your computer.
  • When sharing a cyberlocker web link with others, avoid granting access to material protected under copyright law, and store this material in a separate folder.
  • Adhere to the Cyber Security Pledge when it comes to monitoring bandwidth usage, not sharing copyrighted material and physically secure your computer.

For more information on File Sharing, please visit the Computing Services Security Documentation page on File Sharing.

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