Institute for Strategic Analysis-Institute for Politics and Strategy - Carnegie Mellon University

Institute for Strategic Analysis

The Institute for Strategic Analysis (CMU-ISA) was created as a focal point for the university's ongoing consultations with senior U.S. defense, intelligence and diplomatic officials. It is a joint effort of the School of Computer Science, the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the College of Engineering.

The CMU-ISA taps expertise from across the university, but with particular emphasis on researchers in computer science, cybersecurity, decision science and international relations. Carnegie Mellon's unique combination of strengths in those areas has proven valuable to senior government officials faced with issues concerning communications, computation, and command and control. The center, while it does not enter CMU in policy debates, does provide invaluable information to officials that helps them understand the basic science underlying policy decisions.

The CMU-ISA is not a center for research and does not grant any degrees. Rather, it serves as an umbrella organization that facilitates strategic initiatives, arranging visits and keeping government officials aware of relevant research activities at the university. Through activities such as its "Grand Strategy" lecture series, the institute also works to make faculty members better aware of strategic needs and issues.