As a BSA student, you have an extensive network of advisors to assist in:

  • defining your focus within CFA/MCS
  • deciding which courses to take each semester
  • exploring future study in your area of focus

    Please take advantage of this rich network of support.
Concentration Academic Advisor Office Phone Email Web
BSA Primary Academic Advisors
BXA Director
& Academic Advisor
M. Stephanie Murray Solar House x8-1745 email web
First-year, Senior, Internal Transfer & Prospective BSA students: Schedule an appointment
BXA Associate Director
& Academic Advisor
Carrie Settle Hagan Solar House x8-8326 email  
Sophomore & Junior BSA students: Schedule an appointment
BSA College of Fine Arts (CFA) Academic Advisors
Architecture Doug Cooper MMCH 412B x8-2367 email web
Art Richard Pell
Mark Cato
CFA 407
CFA 300C
Design Steve Stadelmeier MMCH 204B x8-6952 email web
Drama Amy Nichols PCA 223 x8-1581 email web
Music Sharon Johnston CFA 108 x8-2385 email web
BSA Mellon College of Science (MCS) Academic Advisors
MCS Associate Dean Eric Grotzinger DH 1324 x8-6679 email web
Biological Sciences Maggie Braun DH 1321 x8-3262 email web
Chemistry Karen Stump DH 1316 x8-2340 email web
Mathematical Sciences John Mackey WEH 6117 x8-2545 email web
Physics Kunal Ghosh WEH 7303 x8-3413 email web
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