Bachelor of Humanities and Arts Students 2015-2016

Student DC Concentration CFA Concentration Email Web
See, Yong Xin Decision Science Art email  
Starvaggi, Isabella Psychology Art email  
Lai, Hilary Psychology Design email  
Bizier, Brian Social & Political History Drama email  
Romero, Stefan Social & Political History Drama email  
Hepner, Ella Global Studies Art email  
Houston, Jenna Gender Studies Art email web
Howard, Zaria H&SS Art email  
Kim, Bo Ethics, History, & Public Policy Art email  
Quasebarth, Madeline Anthropology Art email  
Striepe, Chantal East Asain Studies Art email web
Sunder, Gowri Psychology Art email web
Ting, Melody Cognitive Science Art email web
Tsai, Katherine H&SS Art email  
Wong, Grace Global Systems & Management Art email web
Didonato, Anthony Decision Science Music email  
Han, Aisha Economics Music email  
Stewart, Emily Global Studies Music email  
Tait, Colin Ethics, History, & Public Policy Music email  
Cox, Erika Ethics, History, & Public Policy Architecture email  
Burdeshaw, Clare English Art email web
Chan, Yan (Bonnie) Professional Writing Art email  
Connolly, Diana Psychology Art email web
Han, Ji Heon Philosophy Art email web
Hill, Autumn English Art email  
Jang, Youhyun Economics Art email  
Kent, Nathalie Creative Writing Art email  
Kim, Janice Global Systems & Management Art email  
Kuehler, Bronwyn Professional Writing Art email web
Lee, Ji Hyun (Joanne) Decision Science Art email  
Oh, Seowon Japanese Studies Art email  
Santilli, Caroline Psychology Art email  
Sullivan, Joan (Joni) Psychology Art email  
Huang, Eileen Japanese Studies Design email  
James, Jerilyn Psychology Design email web
Zheng, Catherine Global Systems & Management Design email web
Shapiro, Keaton Linguistics Drama email  
Bellovin, Jill Creative Writing Music email  
Branson, Amanda Decision Science Music email  
Horvath, Dante Linguistics Music email  
Kelly, Justin Technical Writing Music email  
Klein, Shoshana Psychology Music email  
Lehmann, Danielle Creative Writing Architecture email web
Otto, Liza Psychology Architecture email  
Riordan, Samantha Creative Writing Architecture email  
Barnes, Jacqueline Creative Writing Art email  
Borahan, Asya Japanese Studies Art email  
Caticha, Raquel Psychology Art email web
Gryger, Madalyn Psychology Art email  
Huang, Jennifer Creative Writing Art email web
Kosovac, Dennis (Steven) Environmental Studies Art email  
Murphy, Christian Professional Writing Art email  
Yoon, Nicole Professional Writing Art email  
Chia, Chloe Global Systems & Management Design email web
Clark, Emily Creative Writing Drama email  
Mazloum, Iman International Relations & Politics Drama email  
Nielsen, Kaytie Creative Writing Drama email web
Rakla, Aamer Information Systems Drama email  
Sucher, Jordan Decision Science Drama email  
Begos, Francesca English Music email  
Berntsen, Jacob Philosophy Music email web
Chabassol, Stephen Creative Writing Music email web
Fitzgerald, Timothy Economics Music email  
Marsten, Arun Information Systems Music email  
Shoglow-Rubenstein, Gabriel Psychology Music email  
Wallen, Micah Ethics, History, & Public Policy Music email  

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