What Students Say-Integrated Innovation Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

What Students Say about IPD

"The learn-by-doing approach of the MII-PS program and the IPD capstone course left me with as much industry experience as foundational learning. My transition into a professional context was seamless."

Megan Stanton | Senior Design Researcher & Strategist | Samsung Design America | MPD 2005

"The IPD class is a wonderful way to gain experience working on real-world projects in a fast-paced, cross functional environment. IPD takes place at the intersection between marketing, engineering, and design, and this multi-disciplinary experience is all guided by a user-focused approach. It is this focus on the end-user that really benefited me; all too often in the corporate world teams get caught up with internal concerns instead of focusing on what really matters: the user experience. When I set out in a marketing career after graduating from the MII-PS program, I found that the user-focus instilled in IPD is something that sets me apart from many other marketers, and it is something that is increasingly sought after by corporations looking for the next great innovation."

Michael Reese | Associate Brand Manager - alli | GlaxoSmithKline | MPD 2010

“The IPD course was so unique and valuable because I learned human-centered design principles through immersion in a real world product development challenge. I emerged from the experience feeling confident that I can lead cross-functional teams to create breakthrough products by focusing both on functionality and the user's experience.”

Doug Mahoney | Design Engineer - SKIL Group | Robert Bosch Tool Corp. | MPD 2011

“The Integrated Product Development course challenged our diverse team of designers, MBAs, and engineers with a real-world, corporate sponsored design problem. We learned to utilize the groups collective and individual strengths as we brainstormed, prototyped, iterated, developed, and finally presented a detailed product solution - all in one semester.”

David "Jason" Wilkins | Design Engineer | IDEO | MPD 2011

“Students at Carnegie Mellon are blessed to be surrounded by brilliant people that think differently than them. Many will never again have an opportunity to work in team of the caliber that they can experience through the IPD course, and rarely will they work in interdisciplinary teams that do anything other than divide and conquer. As a professional and educator, I have applied this process in other contexts with predictable success, and it is at the core of my product development philosophy.”

Derek Blitz | Design Consultant & Product Design Lecturer | Raffles International College | MPD 2005