What Sponsors Say-Integrated Innovation Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

What Sponsors Say

"In the complex product manufacturing world, it’s always difficult to get that nice blend of creative ideas that have technical merit and make sense from a customer, marketing and business standpoint. The IPD course at Carnegie Mellon is innovative in that it combines all three disciplines and involves industry to give students experience and give industry great ideas."

Dee Kapur | President | Navistar International Corp. | IPD Sponsor 2011

"Having the students in the IPD course look at one of our innovation challenges was truly refreshing. We were thoroughly impressed with the wide range of ideas generated, many of which went beyond what our own teams have come up with."

Erika Wetzel | Senior Engineer, Air Care PackDev | Proctor & Gamble | IPD Sponsor 2011

"The IPD course's fresh approach to product development is backed by sound research into what delights customers and actually drives them to become emotionally attached to certain products. Understanding this approach was a very important for MSA, since our products protect customers in life and death situations. The professors' use of multiple IPD teams, working in parallel, to systematically apply the methodology, resulted in a number of valuable new insights for the company. One team's highly innovative concept is currently under patent review and nearing production."

Bob Bonahoom | Director Advanced Technology & IP | MSA | IPD Sponsor 2009

"Through our Integrated Product Development (IPD) sponsorship, we observed the dynamics of the multi-disciplined approach to the product development effort. Engineers, designers, social scientists, and business students, assembled, as a team at the ground floor of the product development lifecycle, is clearly a daring soup of talent to mix together. As the course progressed however, we saw the leveraging of the disciplines accelerate into very creative product ideas and concepts. It’s the process and methodologies of the IPD approach that brings the teams to high performance.  Our company’s take-a-way: It’s the way products should be developed."

Craig Schein | Managing Director | Dormont Manufacturing | IPD Sponsor 2007