What Students Say-Integrated Innovation Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

What Students Say

"The independence, autonomy, and flexibility of the MII-PS program empowered me to explore a unique path that has since shaped the trajectory of my career."

Megan Stanton | Senior Design Researcher & Strategist | Samsung Design America | MPD 2005

"The MII-PS program served as a realization of what product development should and can be. As undergrads we focused heavily on our single disciplines which enabled skill development, but having the opportunity to take courses in business and engineering with MBAs and engineers rather than discussing topics solely among those in my discipline (designers), presented an opportunity to both witness and partake in the process from every perspective."

Derek Blitz | Design Consultant & Product Design Lecturer | Raffles International College | MPD 2005

"My courses are going great and we have an excellent MII-PS class; such a great variety of experience and ambitions. My classes are wonderful and when I have questions I have so many resources at work to help me it's unbelievable. I'm learning so much that's applicable and it's only my second week in the program. This was the best thing that could have ever happened to me, I'm so happy!"

Jenna Reed | Senior Technician | Alcoa Inc. | MPD 2013