Curriculum-Integrated Innovation Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

MII-PS Curriculum

The MII-PS curriculum allows students to gain a better understanding of the interdisciplinary approach required to bring successful products to market. To achieve this students complete a series of required courses in design, engineering and business and then select key electives to tailor the degree to their personal interests and professional goals.

Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services — 9 month degree

The traditional 9-month program takes one academic year (fall & spring semesters) of full time study to complete this degree. This degree option consists primarily of class and project work, although there are opportunities for limited independent study work.

Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services (Advanced Study) — 16 month degree

Starting in fall 2015, the extended 16-month program takes 3 academic semesters and a summer (fall, spring, summer, & fall semesters) to complete this degree. This advanced study program includes the 9-month MII-PS requirements, a summer internship, a faculty guided masters essay focused on product and service innovation, and allows the student the opportunity to pursue additional elective course work.

Throughout both MII-PS degrees, the capstone course in Integrated Product Development (IPD) allows students to work in interdisciplinary teams on industry sponsored projects, directed by an interdisciplinary team of faculty from Design, Engineering and Business. This combination of structure and flexibility, combined with interdisciplinary team work and interaction with industry professionals on real product development challenges, provides students with a competitive advantage when either starting a career or returning to industry.

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