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Alumni (See 10th Anniversary Alumni Pics)

Keep in touch

We would love to know what you're up to, so email us to let us know when you have a new job, new position, new project, any awards or patents you receive, or if you're featured anywhere in the news.

Share your Story

We would love to know how your MII-PS experience has impacted your professional career. Email us a few sentences and if possible a nice pic of yourself and let us know if you are willing to share it on our website.

Get Connected

As you continue to build your professional network we encourage you to connect with alumni from the MII-PS program, the School of Design, and Carnegie Mellon through there respective alumni groups on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn group names are as follows:

  •     Carnegie Mellon IPD Alumni
  •     CMU School of Design
  •     Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University
  •     Carnegie Mellon Alumni Assoc. - CMU Group
  •     Carnegie Mellon Alumni

Stay Involved

There are many ways to stay involved with the MII-PS program. Simply email us to let us know your interests.

  •     Give a talk or presentation in a course
  •     Participate in a panel discussion
  •     Host a company tour or presentation
  •     Answer questions from prospective students
  •     Network online with current and former students (LinkedIn)
  •     Network in person with current and former students
  •     Review portfolios of current students
  •     Attend career fairs on campus (the TOC, EOC or Confluence)
  •     Recruit MII-PS students for internships or full-time positions
  •     Encourage industry leaders to sponsor IPD
  •     Sponsor the IPD course
  •     Spread the word about MII-PS

Make A Gift

Learn the many ways you can support the program by making a gift.

10th Anniversary Alumni Event

10th Anniv. Alumni Event