Is Integrated Innovation for you?-Integrated Innovation Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

Is Integrated Innovation right for you?

If you are an engineering professional who wants to expand your context for creating high-valued innovative products, this degree provides you with formal processes for innovation practice while cross-training you in the disciplines of design and business. 

If you are a design professional, or one who has experience from a closely related field, and you want to learn how to identify and clarify opportunities at the "fuzzy front-end", and propose holistic design solutions by deeply engaging with engineers and business while being cross-trained in these areas, this degree provides you that opportunity.

If you are a business professional who wants to be engaged in the very core of business, value creation, this degree provides you experience and know-how in innovation processes, early customer insight methodology to identify opportunities, and cross-training in the other relevant innovation disciplines to achieve higher order holistic solutions.