Peter Boatwright-Integrated Innovation Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

Peter Boatwright

Integrated Innovation Institute - Co-Director & Associate Professor of Marketing, Tepper School of Business

Office: GSIA 376
Phone: 412-268-4219


Peter Boatwright's expertise and teaching focuses on innovation, new product marketing and brand strategy, and marketing research methods. Through his research, Dr. Boatwright has both developed new statistical methods as well as additional theories of consumer behavior, spanning qualitative and quantitative methodologies, studying consumer response, product assortment, and early product research methods. Dr. Boatwright has an M.S. in Statistics from University of Wisconsin, and both his M.B.A and Ph.D are from University of Chicago's Booth School of Business. Dr. Boatwright's scholarly articles appear in leading research journals in the fields of marketing, statistics, and management. In the Carnegie Mellon tradition, Boatwright also has an appointment in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Along with Professor Jonathan Cagan, Dr. Boatwright actively consults with companies ranging from Fortune 100 to entrepreneurial start-ups, with a focus on product strategy and innovation as well as brand strategy. Globally known for a rigorous and effective approach, Boatwright and Cagan have worked with companies such as Apple, P&G, GlaxoSmithKline, RedZone Robotics, and International Truck/Navistar. Their formal approaches to opportunity identification and problem solving have been integrated into a diverse range of companies. In addition to co-leading executive training sessions and practice-based courses at Carnegie Mellon, they co-teach an annual course on new product innovation and have co-run other product strategy courses, resulting in multiple patents for corporate sponsors. They also actively collaborate on research in innovation methods and have co-authored multiple books. Between their consulting, corporate projects, and innovation courses they have advised over 200 product innovation teams.

Together, Professors Boatwright and Cagan have co-authored two books. Their most recent book, Built to Love: Creating Products that Captivate Products, reveals how companies can develop emotion-based strategies to create captivating products that energize the marketplace and set the standard for what customers want and expect. Their other book, The Design of Things to Come, deconstructs innovation into understandable chunks that form a compelling argument of what innovation is, why it is important, and how you can begin to transform yourself and your company to meet the needs of the current marketplace.