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MSTV Dual Degree

The MSTV dual degree is a two-year program that allows CMU students to obtain their master’s degree in a traditional engineering program and our Master of Science in Technology Ventures. Students enrolled in the dual degree program gain a deeper knowledge of emerging technology and skills to succeed in the entrepreneurial marketplace including in Silicon Valley, arguably the world’s most exciting and lucrative environment for new venture creation.

After fulfilling the requirements of their master's degree offered by one of our partner departments in the College of Engineering, MSTV dual degree students will participate in a Silicon Valley-based internship and fulfill two academic semesters learning about tech transfer and entrepreneurship at our campus in Mountain View, CA.

Eligibility Criteria

Accepted or current CMU students eligible for this two-year dual degree option include candidates of the following master's degrees:

*Students enrolled in ECE's 16-month master's program must begin their program in the spring versus the fall in order to meet requirements of both degrees. This extends the dual degree option into a two and a half year program versus the traditional two-year format.

Program Structure

Fall 2016 & Spring 2017 - Pittsburgh Campus

Students spend their first year focused on their MS in our partner degree program.  (See 'Dual Degree Eligibility Criteria' for a list of qualifying master's degrees).  While completing that program, students must complete:

  • Emerging Technology/Engineering Courses – 3, 12-unit courses


  • 49-850 Grand Challenge Innovation – 12 units (during the Spring term)

Summer 2017 - Silicon Valley-Based Internship

  • 49-859 Master of Science in Technology Ventures – Internship – 3 units

Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 - Silicon Valley Campus


  • 49-802 & 49-803 Innovation & Entrepreneurship I & II - 12 units
  • 49-853 Product Management – 6 unit mini
  • 49-854 Business Models and Strategy – 6 unit mini
  • 49-855 Venture Governance: The Role of the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards – 6 unit mini
  • 49-856 Legal Issues in New Venture Creation – 6 unit mini
  • Elective* - 12 units


  • 49­-801 Enterprise Innovation – 12 units
  • 49-804 The Leadership Challenge – 6 unit mini
  • 49-851 Financial Fundamentals for New Ventures – 6 unit mini
  • 49-852 Agile Marketing for New Ventures – 6 unit mini
  • 49-857 Dynamic Global Teams – 6 unit mini
  • Elective* - 12 units

*Sample electives include: IP Commercialization, Data Analytics, Building Brands in Early Stage Ventures, Start Up Creation in Practice.

View our Course Description page for descriptions of both required and elective courses.

Curriculum Requirements

  • The 3-semester curriculum requires students to complete a minimum of 147 units of course work over three semesters and a summer: Spring, Fall & Spring; plus a summer internship.
  • Students must have a minimum QPA of 3.0 to graduate.