MII-PS -Integrated Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

MII-PS Degree

The traditional 9-month program takes one academic year (fall & spring semesters) of full time study to complete this degree. This degree option consists primarily of required course and project work. There are limited opportunities for elective coursework.

Program Structure

Fall 2016

Fall 2015 Curriculum

Spring 2017

Spring Curriculum

Curriculum Requirements

  • The 2 semester curriculum requires students to complete a minimum of 102 units of course work over two semesters, Fall & Spring.
    • Students can complete a maximum of 60 units during the fall term & 48 units during the spring term.
  • At least 18 units of the total must be used toward electives relevant to the product development process and be approved by an advisor.
  • All coursework must be completed with graduate level courses.
  • Students must have a minimum QPA of 3.0 to graduate.

For additional details regarding degree requirements, review the full Graduate Student Handbook here.

Part-time Option for Working Students

Students who are currently working and desire to complete the MII program on a part-time basis, can complete the program over a two-year period. Students work with their advisor to draft a course plan to best suit their work schedule and professional goals. Details regarding part-time tuition can be found on the HUB site. Please indicate your preference for pursuing the part-time option in your online application.