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Is Integrated Innovation Right for You?

Discover what the Integrated Innovation Institute can provide for you. Our master's degrees teach students the innovation process through the lens of product & service development and software management.

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Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services (MII-PS)

The Master of Integrated Innovation for Products & Services (MII-PS) and the MII-PS Advanced Study degrees are designed for students with varying background and a passion for innovation and entrepreneurial ventures.

  • If you are an engineering professional who wants to expand your context for creating high-valued innovative products, this degree provides you with formal processes for innovation practice while cross-training you in the disciplines of design and business. 
  • If you are a design professional, or one who has experience from a closely related field, and you want to learn how to identify and clarify opportunities at the "fuzzy front-end" of new product creation, and propose holistic design solutions by deeply engaging with engineering and business students while being cross-trained in these areas, this degree provides you that opportunity.
  • If you are a business professional who wants to be engaged in the very core of business, value creation, this degree provides you experience and know-how in innovation processes, early customer insight methodology to identify opportunities and cross-training in the other relevant innovation disciplines (engineering and design) to achieve higher order holistic solutions.

Master of Science in Software Management

Students come to our Master of Science in Software Management degree program with a solid technical software foundation, gained through education and experience.  While in the program, they build business knowledge and leadership skills on top of their software development and engineering background. The degree allows you to tailor your program to your career goals, and currently offers the following concentrations:

  • Product Development – Students learn the best practices for developing a software product from concept to launch.  This concentration is suitable for product managers who want to work in a large enterprise. 
  • Enterprise Innovation - Students learn how to sell, design, implement and deploy software innovation inside a large enterprise.  This concentration is suitable for students who already employed in a large corporation and are looking to improve their path for advancement within the company.
  • Entrepreneurship – This option is for students to pursue a start-up by developing their own product or service idea while following the Product Development curriculum. A proposal and business plan is submitted by the student(s) for faculty approval.  Students decide the team members.   Suitable for entrepreneurs and those who want to pursue product management at a small company or startup.