Career Paths-Integrated Innovation - Carnegie Mellon University

Career Paths

Graduates from the Integrated Innovation Instiute are prepared as elite innovators to solve today's industry and social problems with the fields of product development, software management, project management and design thinking.

Product Development

The career paths and positions held by MII-PS alumni vary based on their undergraduate academic backgrounds, talents, skills, interests and years of work experience prior to entering the program. Some positions/titles held by alumni include Design Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Industrial Designer, Design Researcher & Strategist, Experience Design Manager, Brand Manager, New Ventures Team Member, and President.

Software Management

Graduates from the MS in Software Management are placed in diverse positions ranging from Senior Software Engineers, to Project and Product Managers and VP's depending on their level of experience. Full time students with less experience have the option of selecting the 16-month program option that includes a 4-month summer internship; many times at a local software company in Silicon Valley. Our part time graduates are often promoted within their company even while still enrolled. Because the knowledge and skills acquired in our courses are immediately transferrable to real-life issues, the opportunites for careers and advancement are a proven outcome for our students.

For a more comprehensive list of positions and employers please see Where Our Alumni Work.