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Showcase of Senior Projects

Students in the capstone Information Systems Applications course collaborate with community based organizations to develop useful information system solutions to meet real management needs. Real world client partnerships are an important part of the program's educational mission, giving students and project sponsors a significant opportunity to work together towards a common goal. Typically, our project clients represent non-profit or charitable organizations, often engaged in missions that benefit the community in significant ways.

If your organization is interested in working with our students for a project, please contact Professor Randy Weinberg, (412) 268-3228, or

Recent Projects

  • Meals on Wheels
  • CASANA Mobile Application
  • Global Footprint Network
  • Northern Area Companies
  • United Way
  • Kenya Sustainability
  • Best of the Batch Foundation
  • iPracticeChinese
  • Light of Life Event Management System
  • IBM Innovations - 2D Barcodes
  • Jimmy and Rosalynn Partnership Foundation
  • Shakespeare's Global Globe
  • New Earth Organization
  • Sparshlife
  • TrafficSTATS

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