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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a SMART Card?

Who is eligible to receive the new SMART Card?

Why is CMU transitioning to a SMART Card?

How will I receive my new SMART Card?

How do I take care of my SMART Card?

What if I do not have my most current ID Card to turn in upon receiving my new SMART Card?

Do I have to pay $25 for a new card, if I do not turn in my current and active old ID Card in exchange for my new SMART Card?

I have a "sponsored" or "affiliate" ID Card; will I receive the new SMART Card?

Will the SMART Card affect my building, housing, dining, parking, Plaid Cash and print quota?

When will my SMART Card be active to work on PAT transit?

What will happen if my new SMART Card is not accepted or does not tap on the bus, incline or T?

How long will my new SMART Card last?

What do I do if my SMART Card is confiscated by the Port Authority operator?