ID Photo Submission-The HUB - ID Card Services - Carnegie Mellon University

ID Photo Submission Application

All students, staff and faculty can use this application to submit photos, which will be printed on an official Carnegie Mellon ID Card. Continuing students (or staff and faculty renewing their card) can use their current ID photo or use this application to submit a new photo for an ID Card.

To use this application, please have available the following:

  • Digital photo: The photo should be a headshot of the student in the main area of the photo. There is no specific size requirement and the photo can be cropped once it is submitted. Students should not have on hats, caps, or sunglasses in the submitted photo. The photo must reflect the student's most current appearance and should have been taken within the last six months.
  • Andrew User ID and password: CMU Affiliates can determine their Andrew User ID and set up a password by visiting the Computing Services website. 
If a suitable photo is successfully submitted, the ID Card will be printed and waiting upon arrival on campus. Students will be informed of where to pick up their ID Card.