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Current ID Card Variations

Below are the most current, active ID Cards:

SMART Card - The new SMART Card is for Pittsburgh-campus students, and benefits-eligible faculty and staff members. View more details about the SMART Card.


Sponsored ID Card Sponsored cards are for those not directly connected to the university.  In other words, those university affiliates not being paid by Carnegie Mellon need to have someone sponsor them. This card gives the sponsored affiliate access to the recreation facilities, general exterior building access, campus shuttles and the library. 


Sponsored individuals must have completed Sponsored ID Card Request form with the appropriate signatures when requesting a Sponsored ID Card.

Sponsored Card

Parking Card Parking cards can be issued to anyone with a parking pass who needs to swipe for access to the lot. It cannot be used anywhere other than for parking. It does not shut off unless the account is closed. The cost for a parking card is $5 per card. Only one can be issued per parking pass.

Parking Card

Building Access CardBuilding access cards are for departments to give certain students, faculty, staff, vendors or contractors access to certain doors within the department. These cards do not have access to anything but a specific department. Departments that request the building access cards should keep a sign in/sign out sheet for the cards that they have. 

Building Access