Studying Integrative Design Process-Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology - Carnegie Mellon University

Studying Integrative Design Process


The main goal of this research is to capture, analyze and represent the integrative design processes in complex educational and work settings that require consolidated multi-disciplinary perspectives (e.g., clients, designers, engineers, users). We focus on the integrative development of future intelligent responsive environments that enhance collaboration, creativity, and productivity in complex, multi-disciplinary design settings. Research outcomes include capturing the needs and best practices for a contextually diverse set of integrative design teams that:

  1. Define the conditions under which integrative best behaviors flourish for design,
  2. Describe design process aspects across a distribution of large to small-scale products (e.g., buildings, complex service ecologies, hand-held consumer products), as well as physical, virtual, and hybrid products (e.g., electronic chip, smart objects, movie character design),
  3. Identify ways to support integrative design processes through optimal responsive environments
  4. Train integrative design teams.

Research Team

Omer Akin, Semiha Ergan, Burcu Akinci, Levent Burak Kara, Wayne Chung, Aisling Kelliher, Peter Scupelli