Human-Machine Virtuosity-Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology - Carnegie Mellon University

Human-Machine Virtuosity


We are exploring the integration of human fabrication skills and digital manufacturing systems. Rapid prototyping and robotic fabrication are changing the equilibrium of how we will design and make everything.  These new processes allow a more intimate relationship between design and manufacture by enabling small-scale production with a high degree of customization. For this to be successful, the precision of digital manufacturing systems must work together with human physical knowledge. This enables hybrid design methodologies in which ideas move from physical manipulation to digital abstraction and back to capture the most creative aspects of each domain.

Research Team

Josh Bard, Madeline Gannon, Varvara Toulkeridou, Ramesh Krishnamurti, Ali Momeni, Sid Srinivasa, Garth Zeglin