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Administrative Leadership

Thanassis Rikakis, Vice Provost for Design, Arts and Technology

Thanassis RikakisThanassis Rikakis is Vice Provost for Design, Arts and Technology at Carnegie Mellon University. He serves as a full professor in the Schools of Design and Music and holds a courtesy appointment in the Biomedical Engineering Department. He also oversees the university's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC).

His research and creative work are in the areas of experiential media, mixed reality rehabilitation, interdisciplinary education and computer music. As Vice Provost, Rikakis' charge is to facilitate the growth of the many existing synergies among design, arts and technology – each term broadly conceived – as well as to create opportunities for new ones.

For the past 11 years Thanassis had lead an interdisciplinary team - spanning rehabilitation medicine, neuroscience, engineering, design and the arts- that is developing mixed reality rehabilitation systems for stroke survivors. These are systems that track the movement of stroke survivors during the performance of functional tasks in the physical realm and enhance internal feedback with digitally generated, multimodal feedback that facilitates motor learning and functional recovery.

Daragh Byrne, Intel Integrative Design Fellow

Daragh Byrne partners with faculty members to develop curricula and coordinate equipment use. Byrne also leads research to document and share best practices regarding how Intel products can be used in creative, collaborative environments.

Kelly Delaney, Project Manager

Kelly Delaney has been the project manager for IDeATe since March 2013 and handles a variety of tasks, from writing and editing documents to scheduling meetings. As an alumna and long-time staff member of Carnegie Mellon University, Kelly is excited by the new paths that IDeATe is forging.

Jacqueline Conn, Project Manager

Jacqueline Conn oversees scheduling and budget matters and the development of the Emerging Media Masters programs.

Ben Peoples, Researcher

Ben Peoples assists IDeATe by researching and providing input on existing and potential facilities that will meet the network's needs. Ben is an alumnus of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Drama.

Raunaq Gupta, Web Developer

Raunaq Gupta assists IDeATe by tending to the network's web needs, including setting up wikis for discussion and helping to build the IDeATe website. Raunaq is a Master's student in Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute.