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Graduate Program in Integrative Media

A set of related Master's degrees will be connected to the IDEATE undergraduate concentrations. These degrees will form an ecosystem for integrative design art and technology training at Carnegie Mellon, with an emphasis on integrative media. Some of the Master's degrees will have 4+1 options (four year Bachelor's degree and one year Master's degree) for students that have completed undergraduate degrees at CMU with IDEATE concentrations. All of these degrees will also have stand-alone options ranging from 18 months to two years and some may also have part-time options. All of these Master's degrees will have one-semester and/or one-year residency options for students at the CMU Integrative Media Program (IMP) at Steiner Studios in New York City.  
The Master's degrees involved in the IMP program are:

  • Emerging Media: Carnegie Mellon's new Masters in Emerging Media (MEM) will provide a dynamic and rigorous platform for self-directed research at the intersection of computation, materials, and culture. The degree is under development and will be available for applicants in the summer of 2014. Current plans call for the degree to be co-administered by five participating colleges and have four interconnected paths:
  • Game Design: a new degree, currently under development. It will be led by the Entertainment Technology Center, a joint initiative of the School of Computer Science and the College of Fine Arts, and will include participation from faculty across CMU (degree description available by Summer 2014)
  • Integrated Innovation for Products and Services: a degree providing cross training in business, design and engineering
  • Computational Data Science: this program trains technologists to understand all aspects of large information systems. Its contributions to the IMP will focus on large data in multimodal media
  • Urban Design: a post-professional degree, intended to prepare graduates for careers using design to critically address environmental, economic, social and cultural issues affecting the contemporary metropolis
  • Production Technology and Management: a graduate training program in technical direction, and production and stage management
  • an M.S. path through the School of Computer Science (SCS)

The IMP program is part of the Applied Sciences NYC initiative (see press release from the City of New York for more details). The CMU IMP facility at Steiner Studios will start hosting residencies in August 2015.
The IMP program will also connect to and host residencies of many other related Master's programs at CMU including the Master of Human-Computer Interaction, Master of Entertainment Industry Management, Video & Media Design and more.

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