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Emerging Media

The Emerging Media Masters (EM2) degree at Carnegie Mellon University is a collaborative degree of the College of Fine Arts (CFA), School of Computer Science (SCS), and College of Engineering (CIT). The EM2 degree is currently under development and will be finalized by Fall 2014 with the first incoming class of students to enter in August 2015. The EM2 will be offered out of Pittsburgh with semester/year residency options in New York City and Silicon Valley. There are also plans for the degree to be offered out of NYC (starting in 2016) with part-time and full-time options and with residency options in Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley.

Students will apply for admission through one of the three participating Colleges. Each College admits its own cohort of students and sets its own guidelines for the students' paths through the program. CFA students receive an MA while SCS and CIT graduates receive an MS.

Degree Requirements

  • 5 Required Courses (within a fundamentals skills area) - 50 hours
  • 3 Elective Courses (can be across skills areas) - 30 hours
  • 2 Apprenticeships in Fusion Studios (interdisciplinary) - 20 hours
  • 2 Fusion Studios (as developer) (interdisciplinary) (one can be independent capstone) - 40 hours
The program consists of a first-year experience that builds fundamental skills coupled with interdisciplinary knowledge fusion and problem solving in the second year. The first year of the program also integrates a structure of apprenticeships that bring incoming students into immediate contact with second year students engaged in industry-sponsored knowledge fusion studios.

Fundamentals Skills Areas

  • Data acquisition and analysis
  • Information Systems and Networking
  • Enactive Technologies and Interfaces
  • Narrative, Composition, Experience
  • Participatory Culture

Interdisciplinary Fusion Studios (with industry involvement)

  • Responsive Environments and Human Centered Adaptation
  • Media for Daily Living
  • Mediated Performance and New Content Systems
  • Game Design

Graduate Program in Integrative Media

A set of related Master's degrees will be connected to the IDEATE undergraduate concentrations. These degrees will form an ecosystem for integrative design, art, and technology training at Carnegie Mellon, with an emphasis on integrative media. Some of the Master's degrees will have 4+1 options (four year Bachelor's degree and one year Master's degree) for students that have completed undergraduate degrees at CMU with IDEATE concentrations. All of these degrees will also have stand-alone options ranging from 18 months to two years and some may also have part-time options. All of these Master's degrees will have one-semester and/or one-year residency options for students at the CMU Integrative Media Program (IMP) at Steiner Studios in New York City.

The IMP program is part of the Applied Sciences NYC initiative (see press release from the City of New York for more details). The CMU IMP facility at Steiner Studios will start hosting residencies in August 2015. The IMP program will also connect to and host residencies of many other related Master's programs at CMU including the Master of Human-Computer Interaction, Master of Entertainment Industry Management, Video & Media Design and more.

Integrated Innovation for Products and Services

Integrated Innovation for Products and Services is a degree providing cross training in business, design, and engineering.

Computational Data Science

Computational Data Science is a program that trains technologists to understand all aspects of large information systems. Its contributions to the IMP will focus on large data in multimodal media.

Urban Design

Urban Design is a post-professional degree. It is intended to prepare graduates for careers in which they will use design to critically address environmental, economic, social, and cultural issues affecting the contemporary metropolis.

Producation Technology and Management

Production Technology and Management is a graduate training program in technical direction, and production and stage management.