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Concentrations and Minors

In August 2014, IDeATe will launch eight cross-CMU interdisciplinary concentrations and minors in Animation and Special Effects, Entrepreneurship for Creative Industries, Game Design, Intelligent Environments, Learning Media, Media Design, Physical Computing, and Sound Design. The concentrations will be available to students in any major and will be embedded in relevant degrees across the participating colleges. The minors will be completed alongside a primary major.

The concentrations and minors will enrich the student resident experience by providing integrative design experiences and connections to diverse cohorts for interested students.


All students who wish to complete one of the concentrations or minors must pass one of the new portal courses, which will be available beginning in Fall 2014. These courses will cross-train students to prepare them for working outside of their primary discipline and will serve as prerequisites for related advanced courses.

After completing a portal course, students will then take a minimum of three courses to earn a concentration or a minimum of four courses to earn a minor. For further details, please see the individual pages of each area.

IDEATE Concentrations