Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology - Carnegie Mellon University

Integrative Design, Arts, and Technology (IDeATe)

Integrative Design at CMU

For decades, Carnegie Mellon University has been at the cutting edge of arts and technology. IDeATe is the culmination of that knowledge and experience.

CMU supports significant integrative activities in the areas of media design, learning media and intelligent environments and is poised to be an international leader in integrative design — design that addresses efficiency and quality of experience issues in an integrative manner and aims to empower the user.

Integrative design is realized through interdisciplinary groups that can tackle the complete generated experience. CMU is one of the few institutions in the world with high-level expertise in three key areas of integrative design:

  • Experience creation
  • Technology development
  • Social analysis

And of the five leading technical Universities in the US, CMU is the only one that also has top ten ranked units in design and the arts.

The IDeATe Network

The IDeATe Network draws stronger connections between the world-class technology and arts units that are already at Carnegie Mellon. Using the network and its resources, students and faculty from all disciplines are better able to collaborate through courses, research, and in facilities specially designed to encourage interdisciplinary exploration and team work.

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