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Research Faculty

Phil | 412-268-4126

Research Professor

Bioavailability of growth factors, growth factor association and dissociation with various interstitial components, proteolytic processing, biomimetic tissue engineered materials, musculoskeletal tissue repair and regeneration.

Shawn Kelly, | 412-268-1841

Senior Systems Scientist

The development of novel medical device technologies, including retinal prostheses for blindness and proprioceptive prostheses for spinal cord injuries. Dr. Kelly's particular focus is on designing safer, smaller, more efficient circuits for neurostimulation and wireless power and data telemetry.

Richard Koepsel, | 412-268-6251

Senior Systems Scientist

Hironobu | 412-268-3372


Alan | 412-268-6430

Senior Researcher

Microchip-based sensor systems, detection of PNA-DNA binding by dialectic resonance spectroscopy, microdialysis of proteins, and nanoporous silicon carbide. He currently researches the development of patient-physician interface using non-invasive, miniaturized, multifunctional sensors that report molecular events within the patient to the physician in order to improve the data gathering process.

Alan | 412-268-9607

Highmark Distinguished Career Professor

For the last 20 years, the Russell laboratory has been discovering what can be achieved by exploiting the rich interface of chemistry, biology, and materials. His work has impacted fields as diverse as chemical and polymer synthesis to tissue engineering and homeland defense. Dr. Russell has pioneered how to make polymers from enzymes and how to incorporate enzymes into bulk polymers. In a series of discoveries, his laboratory has found how to meld the synthetic and biological worlds.

Nisha | 412-268-4827

Special Faculty

Nisha Shukla is currently a special faculty in the Institute for Complex engineered systems at Carnegie Mellon University. Dr. Shukla's primary research focus is in the area of nanotechnology and the synthesis of selectively shaped nanoparticles for utilization in solar cells, high density magnetic media and as catalysts. In addition, her research interests include understanding and studying tribology and surface science of high density recording media. Dr. Shukla's background is in surface science and surface analysis of semiconductors and metal surfaces. She obtained a Ph.D. at the University of Wales, College of Cardiff in the United Kingdom and did a post-doc in Chemical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to joining ICES, she worked for Seagate Research for 5 years. Dr. Shukla's research has recently being spotlighted in and Frost and Sullivan. The links are: and

Asim | 412-268-7863

Director - LINCS; Research Professor

Wearable computers; mobile computing; pervasive computing; reliable computing; audio and visual interfaces to computers. Director of LINCS (Laboratory for Interactive Real-Time Computer Systems).

Eswaran | 412-268-5221

Research Professor

Under Dr. Subrahmanian's direction, the n-dim group is interested in designing information systems that support the social processes that are integral to design. The group studies engineering work processes in order to create methods for managing knowledge in engineering design. They consider an understanding of work processes to be an integral part of system's development. In order to analyze work processes the n-dim group has researched and developed methods for studying the flow and use of information in design organizations. They then use an evolutionary prototyping method build and test design applications that support engineering knowledge management.

John | 412-268-2507

Adjunct Fellow

Teaches the Engineering Product Design courses 39-605/606.