Student Right to Privacy (FERPA)


You are accountable for maintaining the privacy of student information in compliance with University and federal policies. The University policy is designed to comply with the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, 20 U.S.C. Sec. 1232g. The specific policy can be found here. Good practice by faculty and staff members requires that they maintain, report and make available information included in student educational records in compliance with the requirements of FERPA and the University's Policy.

Student Information Disclosure

With certain exceptions, Carnegie Mellon officials will not disclose personally identifiable information from a student's education records without the student's prior written consent. "Directory Information" will be disclosed without the student's prior written consent unless the student has notified Enrollment Services in person, in writing within the first 15 class days of the semester in a given academic year to restrict release of that information. When student requests to have any or all directory information restricted, a private flag is set on the student record. No information should be released regarding that student's record, including their student ID number.

In virtually all cases, the University uses the student Social Security Number (SSN) as the student ID number. Federal regulations requiring our reporting the SSN for every student receiving any kind of federal financial aid or loan necessitate its continuing use for the time being.

Directory Information

Carnegie Mellon University has designated directory information to be:

NOTE: Parent name, address, and telephone number are not considered directory information.

Persons receiving non-directory information are responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the students involved. They are not permitted to re-release this data to others without the prior written consent of the students involved.

Student Information Guidelines

Some recommended guidelines and practices regarding protecting the confidentiality of student records are shown below:

Course Rosters

Enrollment Services provides class lists only in electronic form. Instructors access this Web application through The HUB Website by using the secure browser software, Netscape. The rolls are only accessible to Netscape users. Course rosters are available at any time after student registration from the egrades web site. Faculty can access E-Grades. These rosters reflect all registration and drop/add activity for your course at the time you are accessing the electronic roster.

Course roster information can be loaded into an electronic grade book program or a spreadsheet. A course datafile is a comma delimited file you can download and use for sending electronic grade files. You can create a course datafile by course and section or use the 'ALL' option to retrieve all sections per course or every teaching course. Please note that datafile will not contain lectures (section 1-10) since lectures are not recorded at grading time.

Course rosters are formatted rosters that can be written to a screen to be printed or e-mailed to you. Course rosters print mid-term, final and default grades when applicable. Rosters can be run for a complete academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer1, Summer2). The course roster is the same format as the current paper roster that is distributed by Enrollment Services.

You can create a course roster by course and section or use the 'ALL' option to retrieve all sections per course or every teaching course. Unlike the course datafile or enter grades, class rosters will retrieve lectures (including sections 1-10).

The student ID number (usually the student's SSN) is routinely reported to faculty on class lists as an aid to identifying students. However, the student ID number (and SSN) is not considered public or directory information either by the University or by the definitions included in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. As such, the student ID number (and SSN) may not be released to a third party without written permission from the student. THIS INCLUDES THE POSTING OF GRADES BY STUDENT ID NUMBER!

Grade Posting

We realize the service faculty provides to students by posting grades. We suggest the following guidelines to assist students but still remain within the law:


We appreciate your attention to this matter of student privacy. This memo was prepared by Enrollment Services and is intended to provide important and useful information to all Carnegie Mellon faculty, instructors and staff. Should we be able to provide any guidance, clarification, or to answer any questions please do not hesitate to send email to, Linda Anderson or John Papinchak.