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Degree Verifications

A degree verification officially provides proof of degree(s) awarded, and/or graduation date, and/or or expected degree(s), and/or expected graduation date.

Important: Students must clear all financial and community holds before verification requests will be processed.

Course/grade information is not included in enrollment/degree verifications. If course or grade information is needed, students should order an official transcript. Semester course schedules/grades are also available via Student Information Online for currently enrolled students.

If a student is graduating early (before the end of the final semester) and needs verification of early completion, please see verification of early completion.

Request a degree verification.

Diploma Authentication

The diploma authentication is a two-sided, notarized document providing a copy of the diploma and a signed authentication letter stating the student's name, degree, and graduation date. The diploma authentication service costs $10 each and cannot be faxed.

To have a diploma authenticated:

  1. Submit a Diploma Authentication (.pdf) form to the University Registrar's Office, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213.
  2. Submit an 8 1/2" x 11" photocopy of the original diploma to the University Registrar's Office. Photocopy must contain the official seal and signatures. If you are having problems photocopying your diploma, please visit a professional copy service. Recently issued diplomas that are still in the University Registrar's Office will be copied on site.

Carnegie Mellon will provide a signed notarized letter of authentication on the reverse side of the diploma photocopy, and forward it to the specified address.