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Degree Verifications

A degree verification officially provides proof of degree(s) awarded, and/or graduation date, and/or or expected degree(s), and/or expected graduation date.

Important: Students must clear all financial and community holds before verification requests will be processed.

Course/grade information is not included in enrollment/degree verifications. If course or grade information is needed, students should order an official transcript. Semester course schedules/grades are also available via Student Information Online for currently enrolled students.

If a student is graduating early (before the end of the final semester) and needs verification of early completion, please see verification of early completion.

Request a degree verification.

Diploma Authentication

The diploma authentication is a two-sided, notarized document providing a copy of the diploma and a signed authentication letter stating the student's name, degree, and graduation date. The diploma authentication service costs $20 each and cannot be faxed.

To have a diploma authenticated:

  1. Submit a Diploma Authentication (.pdf) form to the University Registrar's Office, Carnegie Mellon University, 5000 Forbes Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15213.
  2. Submit an 8 1/2" x 11" photocopy of the original diploma to the University Registrar's Office. Photocopy must contain the official seal and signatures. If you are having problems photocopying your diploma, please visit a professional copy service.

Carnegie Mellon will provide a signed notarized letter of authentication on the reverse side of the diploma photocopy, and forward it to the specified address.


The University Registrar's Office does not provide an apostille. Students requiring an apostille should contact Pennsylvania Department of State at 717-787-5280 or Or visit their website.