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PA Act 48 Reporting for Educators

The university serves many educators in Western Pennsylvania. These students are enrolling in many diverse courses offered by Carnegie Mellon, which may qualify for PA Act 48 Reporting for Educators development.

More detailed information may be obtained at the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

What counts?

To ensure that a particular course will meet Act 48 requirements, the student should check with their school employer or, if student is not currently employed as an educator in Pennsylvania, they should contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Note: Only credit-bearing courses are reported.

What are Carnegie Mellon's Approved Provider reporting responsibilities?

Upon successful completion of the credit-bearing course, Carnegie Mellon will report the required information on the student's behalf directly to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE).

What does the student need to do?

Student record privacy law prohibits the release of most information including courses and grades to any third party without prior permission of the student. In order to authorize the release of this information to PDE, the student should submit a request including their:

  • Full name
  • Student ID number
  • Current mailing address
  • Course number
  • Course name
  • Course units
  • Semester course taken

Requests may be submitted by e-mail to, faxed to 412-268-6651, or mailed to the University Registrar's Office, Carnegie Mellon University, Warner Hall A19, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

The student's school employer may require that they provide a grade report or official transcript to signify successful course completion.

What happens next?

Upon submission of Act 48 courses to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), the student will receive a letter of confirmation. The student should retain this letter for their files. Credit courses should be reported to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.