Grading Policy & Options-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

Grading Policy/Policy Statement

This policy offers details concerning university grading principles for students taking courses, whether those students are undergraduates, non-degree students or graduate students. This policy covers the specifics of assigning and changing grades (including final and mid-semester grades, incompletes and conditional failures), grading options (audit and pass/fail), drop/withdrawals, and course repeats, as well as defines the undergraduate and graduate grading standards.

Questions about grading for a specific course should be addressed to the instructor of the course in question. Graduate students with questions about pass/fail and drop/withdrawal should contact their individual programs.

Appeals for an exception to any grading policy may be made to the dean's office of the student's home college. See the university's grading scale and policy for more information.

Grading Options

Course Audit Information

Auditing is presence in a classroom without receiving academic credit or a letter grade. The extent of participation must be arranged and approved by the course instructor. Students wishing to audit a course are required to register for the course, get the permission of the instructor and advisor, and complete and return the Course Audit Approval (.pdf) form to the University Registrar's Office prior to the tenth day of classes.

Once a Course Audit Approval form or a Pass/Fail form is submitted to the University Registrar's Office, a letter grade will not be assigned for the course. Students choosing to audit a course or take a course pass/fail are required to pay their student account by the payment deadline.

Pass/Fail Option

Students may choose to receive a grade of pass or fail as opposed to receiving a grade through the standard grading system. Students who wish to receive pass/fail grading must register for the course, get the permission of their advisor, and complete and return the Pass/Fail Approval (.pdf) form to the University Registrar's Office by the pass/fail deadline for that course.  Please refer to the Academic Calendar for all full semester and mini course deadlines. The Heinz School and Tepper School course deadlines may also be found on that page.