Outgoing Cross-Registration-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

Outgoing Cross-Registration (for full-time CMU students)

Carnegie Mellon University students are permitted to cross-register at any of the ten Pittsburgh Council of Higher Education (PCHE) institutions for courses not offered at Carnegie Mellon. The opportunity to cross-register is open to all full-time graduate and undergraduate students. Students are not be charged any additional tuition charges; however, they must pay special course or laboratory fees to the host institution if necessary. Students do not acquire status at the host institution, but they will have library and bookstore privileges. Cross-registration applies to fall and spring semesters only. Students must be registered for at least 36 units prior to adding a PCHE course.


  1. Complete the cross-registration form in its entirety including all required course information as well as obtaining advisor and dean's signatures. Student's advisor and dean are responsible for assuring eligibility for the course in which the student intends to enroll. If student is registering for a course at the University of Pittsburgh, both the course number and the CRN number listed in their catalog should be included. If the class has a restriction or special permission requirement, the student must go directly to the University of Pittsburgh's offering department and request and complete an "Admission to Closed/Restricted Course" form. This form must be processed by the University of Pittsburgh's Registrar's Office in order to be registered into their student system. It is the student's responsibility to provide Carnegie Mellon's University Registrar's Office with a copy of the permission slip. 
  2. Students wishing to cross register for more than one course must have a letter of approval from their dean. Students enrolled in an approved joint program between two PCHE institutions are exempt from the requirement of being full-time at either school. This information must be indicated on the top of the cross registration form at the time the form is submitted to the University Registrar's Office.
  3. Students in their final semester should not cross-register for classes. Due to various final grade submission deadlines of the other institutions, grades are often late and may delay degree certification.
  4. Auditing - If students choose to audit a class, they must adhere to the deadlines set forth by the host institution. No exceptions will be granted. Also, students must submit the Course Audit Approval form to the CMU University Registrar's Office within the first 10 days of class. 
  5. Pass/Fail - If students choose to take a class at the host institution, they must adhere to the deadlines set forth by the host institution. No exceptions will be granted. Also, students must submit the Pass/No Pass Approval form to the CMU University Registrar's Office by the deadline in the Academic Calendar.
  6. The Registrar's Office of the host institution will notify student regarding whether the cross registration request has been accepted or if special permission is required for registration. If the student attends classes at the host institution after notification without first obtaining written approval, the student will not receive credit. If the course doesn't appear on student's schedule within 10 working days, contact The HUB for resolution.
  7. Once The HUB has received confirmation from the host institution of enrollment; student will see a temporary placeholder course on their schedule (i.e. UPITT, CCAC etc.). Before final grades are due, the place holder course will be removed and an assigned course number and title verified by the host institution will be entered on the student's schedule.
  8. Carnegie Mellon students wishing to drop their cross-registration course, should contact Debra James, dj0y@andrew.cmu.edu. Students wishing to drop a couse must adhere to the drop deadlines set forth by the host institution. No exceptions will be granted. The University Registrar's Office will inform the host institution.
  9. The host institution will report student's final grade(s) to the University Registrar's Office. Please be aware that final grade(s) may be delayed due to various academic calendar and grade processing schedules among PCHE institutions. PCHE institutions do not report mid-term grades.