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Incoming Cross-Registration

If a student is a full-time undergraduate or graduate student attending one of the ten Pittsburgh Council of Higher Education (PCHE) institutions, they are eligible to cross-register at Carnegie Mellon. An incoming cross-registration student will not be charged any additional tuition charges; however special course or laboratory fees must be paid if necessary. Student status will not be acquired, but the student will have library and bookstore privileges. Cross-registration applies to fall and spring semesters only. The PCHE FAQs can answer most questions not found below.


  1. The cross-registration form must have the following required information: Course number, title, section and units/credits, as well as home advisor, home dean and home registrar signature. If any of this information is missing, the form will be returned to the home institution.
  2. Students enrolled in a joint program between CMU and their home institution, must have the name of the program written at the top of the cross-registration form at the time it is submitted to the home registrar. Students enrolled in an approved joint program are exempt from the requirement of being full-time at either institution.
  3. Students who wish to take more than one course and who are not in a joint program, must get a letter of approval from their dean, and this letter must accompany the cross-registration form.
  4. The University Registrar's Office will check the course availability from the PCHE form.
    • If the course is available, the University Registrar's Office will enter the student's information into the S3 and email a confirmation to the student as well as notify the home institution. Should the course not appear on the home institution schedule, the student should contact their home institution for resolution.
    • If the course the student wishes to take is waitlisted or not available, the student will receive an email from the University Registrar's Office. If this happens, the student should understand that they are not permitted to attend class.
  5. Students choosing to audit a CMU course must submit the Course Audit Approval form to the University Registrar's Office within the first 10 days of class. Forms should be delivered to The HUB, Warner Hall, A19.
  6. Students choosing to take a class as pass/fail must submit the Pass/No Pass Approval  form to the University Registrar's Office within the first 10 days of class. Forms should be delivered to The HUB, Warner Hall, A19.
  7. Students who select a course that requires access to Blackboard, the course management system, should know that it may take up to two weeks to gain access unless the student already has an Andrew UserID. Your Andrew UserID is the first part of your e-mail address. If you do not know your UserID, go to and enter your name in the search box. To set the password for your Andrew account, please follow these instructions.

Questions about Blackboard, should be directed to the Office of Technical Education at 412-268-5503. The student may also want to inform the professor and request that they be manually enrolled on the course Blackboard site.

  1. A building access card may be issued for those who need access to a specific academic building that requires card access. Direct access card questions to The HUB at 412 268-8186.
  2. Students wishing to drop or withdraw from their cross-registration course, must complete the PCHE Drop/Withdrawal form and submit it to the host institution's registrar's office for processing. Students must adhere to the drop deadlines set forth by the host institution. No exceptions will be granted. The host institution will notify the home institution and student once the form is processed.
  3. The University Registrar's Office will report grades to the appropriate office of the home institution after the Carnegie Mellon final grade submission deadline. PCHE institutions do not report mid-term grades.