Course Overload-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

Course Overload

The university is committed to insuring that each degree candidate has access to a normal course load before it permits other students to register for a greater than normal number of units. A normal course load has been established by each academic department. Students should check with their academic advisor, department head, or dean's office for the definition of a normal course load. Individual colleges may have overload policies that are more restrictive, therefore students should consult with their advisor when considering an overload.

Once registration week has ended, students may register for an overload up to 12 units in accordance with their department's overload policy. Such policy typically demands that they have demonstrated their ability to successfully complete a normal course load. Successful completion of a normal course load is defined as having earned at least a 3.00 (3.50 for students in ECE) cumulative QPA through the preceding semester or current semester (in which case all final grades must be recorded before the student can register for the overloaded class). Overloads greater than 12 units or other exceptions must have the approval of the student's associate dean.

Freshmen and transfer students are limited to a normal course load in their first semester of attendance.