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Study Abroad

The following are HUB-related issues regarding study abroad. For more detailed information, check out the Office of International Education's Study Abroad website.


All study abroad students are required to attend a Study Abroad Pre-Departure Orientation in order to register for study abroad. The SATC and other paperwork required for registration are distributed at the orientation.

Students DO NOT take a Leave of Absence and remain fully enrolled while studying abroad.


There are three ways to pay for study abroad at Carnegie Mellon - exchange programs (departmental or university-wide), sponsored study abroad and external programs.

Students who participate in exchange programs, sometimes called tuition exchange programs, pay Carnegie Mellon tuition and receive their regular financial aid package. Students are responsible for room, board, travel and miscellaneous expenses.

Students participating in sponsored study abroad programs pay a sponsored program fee to Carnegie Mellon - roughly equivalent to tuition, room and board - and they receive their regular financial aid package. Carnegie Mellon then distributes the tuition to the appropriate sponsor and, where appropriate, allocates a study abroad fund to the student for room, board, travel and educational expenses.

For external programs, students pay the abroad institution directly and pay nothing to Carnegie Mellon. Students who receive institutional aid from Carnegie Mellon will not be eligible for this aid while they are abroad. However, students with state and federal aid can receive this aid for study abroad.

In order for federal and state aid to be used for study abroad on external programs, Carnegie Mellon and the host institution must sign a Consortium Agreement (.pdf) to notify the government where the aid will be going. The aid is then credited to the student's account. A refund is issued to the student who in turn pays the study abroad institution.

Credit Transfers Upon Return

Credit is transferred to Carnegie Mellon for study abroad. Grades do not transfer. Credit is assessed and submitted by the student's department once the study abroad transcript is received. Visit the Study Abroad website for more information.