Student Invoice-The HUB - Carnegie Mellon University

Viewing & Paying Your Student's Invoice

Viewing the E-Bill

  • Carnegie Mellon does not print and mail student invoices.
  • Notices are sent monthly to the student's Andrew e-mail account alerting them that a new E-Bill is ready to view on his/her secure Student Information Online (SIO) account.
  • If a parent or third party would like to receive the student's E-Bill, the student must first authorize Carnegie Mellon to e-mail a PDF copy of the E-Bill to the parent's or third party's e-mail address. The student may complete the quick and simple authorization process on SIO.

My Plaid Student

My Plaid Student is a secure website operated by Carnegie Mellon University. My Plaid Student gives authorized users, usually parents or other family members, access to certain information about a student. After a student completes the authorization process on Student Information Online, the My Plaid Student user will be able to view his/her student account invoices and student account activity, and request enrollment verifications. Learn more.

Paying the Student's Account

  • There are many payment options available to Carnegie Mellon's Pittsburgh students. View these options.
  • Students are encouraged to sign up for online banking and electronic refunding on Student Information Online (SIO). Enrolling only takes a moment and all that is needed is the student or parent(s)' checking or savings account information.

* More information regarding billing and payments can be found on The HUB website.