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Welcome, Parents & Families!

We understand that parents and families are an integral part of a student's educational experience. The HUB makes it a priority to keep parents and families of enrolled students informed about procedures and policies. By using the Plaid Parents webpage, it is our hope that parents and families will find answers to their registration, financial aid, and billing and payment questions. Learn more about The HUB.


CMU & SALT: Students' path to financial literacy

CMU has partnered with American Student Assistance's SALT program, a financial literacy program designed to provide students with clear and personalized information so they can easily manage their money and student loans. This service is free for all CMU students. Learn more.

CMU Enrollment Bulletin covers higher education hot topics

Enrollment Services, along with many other CMU partners, released these publications to showcase the latest research on financial aid, national student data, higher education hot topics, and more. View CMU Enrollment Bulletins.

Verification of number enrolled in college information

Students who reported a sibling/dependent family member in college on their FAFSA and/or CSS PROFILE must complete a Verification of Number in College form in order for us to verify enrollment information. View more about these verifications.

Do you know about My Plaid Student?

Students can enable their parents or other family members to have access to their student invoices, view their student account activity, and request enrollment verifications on My Plaid Student. Learn more about this service.

Communication from The HUB

Most communication from The HUB is sent to your son or daughter's Andrew email account. Learn why.

For fast, easy payments, ask your student to enroll in Online Banking in SIO!

dates & deadlines

March 6-13: Spring break; no classes
March 18: Summer 2015 registration begins
April 17-19: Spring Carnival
April 20: Fall 2015 registration begins
May 1: Last day of classes